June 2009

KC & Gordon are having a baby!

KC and I have been friends since high school and she was another shoot I did while back in St. Louis. KC and Gordon are a wonderful couple together and..

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Chuck & Cara – MARRIED!

Last week Adam and got to go on vacation and shoot a wedding! Chuck and Cara got married in Mexico and it was wonderful. Chuck and Adam are old friends..

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Playing MAJOR catch up!!

So, even though I did not get totally caught up on blogging I made some serious progress! Scroll down for many new posts. Meet Miss Ellie at 6 months! Mom..

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Boys, Boys, Boys!

Well I traveled to St. Louis this week and photographed for a few old friends. I have know the mom of these crazy boys since I was 5!! How fun..

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LOTS of new posts!!!

Another wedding shot from the other side. Adam my fiance/assistant shot this wedding and I got to assist him – how fun! I could not resist. Such a beautiful day..

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Madelyn – 4 days old!

I photographed mom and dad’s wedding back in 2007 and now there is a new addition! Miss M loves to be held and be close with her mommy and daddy..

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