What to Wear

A big question I get is what do we wear?? I think there are a few things to think about…

– What is the location for the pictures? Different locations give different feeling to the pictures

– Where will I be hanging these pictures? Are you thinking bright and fun decor for the playroom? or a bit more traditional or timeless for the family room??

When you are off to the stores, closets or internet, think about textures, layers, accessories. All of these things can really add to the pictures. Also, for a family session, sometimes it works to start with one child that is going to wear something patterned and then pull colors off the pattern for the other people to wear. Is also works to mix match patterns if the colors go together. If you want to keep it simple and stick to solids, then think about layers and wearing solids with texture to the fabric or design. The local children’s boutique Nest is a great place to go! AND you will receive 25% off one outfit per child for booking a session with Lindsay B Photography!

For seniors, think about layers, textures, accessories and flattering your shape. In addition think about that we will be sitting, standing, squatting, etc. In addition, consider the location you have chosen and what colors/looks will go well there. ie: if you chose a big field in the summer, then a green dress might not be the best choice because you will be surrounded by a lot of green grass. A mixture of looks is a great idea for your 4 outfits! Also, I would keep 1-2 of your outfits more timeless/simple to give variety. Pinterest is a great resource as well! I have included a handful of inspiration boards below to help you!

Check out the pictures below for more ideas!

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